Business Meeting


David Boyes

Small businesses will benefit from David’s wide ranging experience as a small business owner, a local manager for a global food corporation, and co-ordinator of government programs.

David has been responsible for business performance in high-volume sales operations and has been responsible for over 70 employees. His experience includes HR, business planning, operational management, training, workplace safety and environment management, online marketing and reporting.

He is passionate about simplifying and organising business operations and communications to make life easier for all.

David has been providing advice and support to small businesses for over 4 years spanning numerous industries and business stages and currently owns and operate another small business together with his wife.

And if that’s not enough, he spends his “spare time” renovating, baby wrangling and geeking out at the latest tech gadgetry.


  • Bachelor of Business (Accounting & Management)


  • Vice President, Mid West Chamber of Commerce and Industry