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Finding government tender opportunities

As a small business, winning Government contracts represent significant opportunities to grow, yet most are seldom ready to place a bid when a tender is announced. This results in many lost opportunities not only for you and your business, but potentially for your region overall.

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With the recently announced Local Capability Fund, now is an excellent time for you to take steps toward increasing your competitiveness and capability to bid in local contract opportunities. More on the Local Capability Fund below.

If you wouldn’t know where to begin with starting a tender, you’re definitely not alone. Fear of the unknown and concerns of not having the skills to take on the challenge are definitely big barriers when it comes to winning government work for your business.

Preparing a tender can consume considerable time and often requires a high level of writing skill, document preparation, time management and a good knowledge of the customer’s needs – and how your business is placed to offer appropriate solutions – but fear not!

Free help is available

Even if you’ve only just found out about tendering opportunities today, the simple act of starting a conversation with someone in the-know can really set you on your path to growing your business; perhaps significantly.

Business Local Advisors

Our Advisors are available for FREE consultations on how to prepare your business for future tender opportunities and can provide expert advice about how to tackle the task of preparing your offer.

Book an appointment today for tendering advice

Local Content Officers

Local Content Officers are new roles in WA which have emerged from the WA State Government’s initiative to increase opportunities for local businesses to win work. These public servants are available to provide advisory and referral services. We encourage small businesses to speak to their Local Content Officer for tips and more information about accessing the Local Capability Fund.

Find your nearest Local Content Officer

Paid help is available too

Many businesses, large and small, engage paid professionals when preparing an offer. Engaging a professional to take on part or all of the work can assist you to keep focused on your business whilst also bringing considerable experience and skill to represent your business.

Speak to an RSM – Business Local Advisor for appropriate referrals to tendering professionals.

Where to look for tendering opportunities?

Tenders are released by Local, State and Federal Government and because they aren’t all posted to a single location, knowing where to look is very important.


  • Tenders from Australian Government agencies
  • Offers over $10,000 in value
  • Automatic notifications service

Visit AusTender for Australian Government contracts

Tenders WA

  • Tenders from WA State Government agencies
  • Automatic notifications service
  • Register as a supplier

Visit Tenders WA for Western Australian Government contracts

Local Government

Not all Local Governments use the same systems for releasing and managing their contracts.

Book an appointment for information and advice on Local Government contracts.

The Local Capability Fund

If you’re a small business that could use a boost that improves your competitiveness when it comes to bidding for State Government contracts, you should definately look into the Local Capability Fund. This fund will provide for eligible activities including:

  • Expert consultant services;
  • Improvements to internal business infrastructure and systems;
  • Training; and,
  • Equipment.

The fund will provide up to 50% of the eligible costs up to a maximum of $20,000 per applicant.

Visit for more information and the application pack

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