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Business Local adviser nominated for Nifnex Influential 100 awards

RSM Business Local adviser, Tanya French, has been nominated for the Nifnex Influential 100 Awards. Tanya is responsible for the Wheatbelt south region.

Nifnex Influential 100 Awards recognises individuals in WA’s business community who go above and beyond their role to assist businesses, whether it is with their skills, contacts, or simply time they are willing to give. These special individuals need to be recognised for who they are and what they do to assist others.


Your Knowledge – December 2015

Naughty or nice? Christmas tax checklist

It’s that time of year again – what to do for the Christmas party for the team, customer gifts, gifts of appreciation for your favourite accountant (just kidding), etc., etc. Here are our top tips for a generous and tax effective Christmas season: (more…)

Your Knowledge – October 2015

Capital gains & property
The top questions and answers

The thought of the Australian Tax Office (ATO) sharing up to 50% of any gain you make on an investment decision is enough to strike fear into the hearts of most people. Given Australia’s love affair with property, it is little wonder that we are often asked about the impact of capital gains tax (CGT) on property. This month, we explore the most frequently asked questions. (more…)

Your Knowledge – August 2015

Small Business
Small Business

“Landlords, beware!”
Key issues for property investors

Are you relying on negative gearing?

There has been a lot of negative conversation about negative gearing lately. But, if you are currently negative gearing your investment property, should you be concerned?

Negative gearing is when you claim more in deductions than you earn for an income producing asset that you have purchased using debt. It is not limited to property, you can for example negatively gear shares, but property is the dominant negatively geared asset claimed by Australians.